The Last Hill

Death… The only sure thing in life.
And the one most of us don’t prepare for.
This is the first installment of a series presenting how different people react
when they are starting the last chapter of their life.

Sheriff (Teaser)

 Brewster County is the largest county in Texas, larger than the combined area of Delaware and
Rhode Island states (6192 square miles, or 16,037 km2). Sheriff Dodson covers this territory
with only eight deputies. Daily life ranges from investigating murders to bomb hoax,
playing mediator in neighbors dispute to running his own side business: owner of a gun shop.

Sheriff (Documentary – 28 minutes)

God’s Daughters Trailer

God’s Daughters documentary presents an intimate portrait of two ordained Roman Catholic women priests,
part of a movement of active ordained women who ask to be formally recognized by the Vatican
and to be part of the institutional Roman Catholic Church.

God’s Daughters is a 52mn film available as Video on Demand at: VHX (VoD)

Curtis Revisited

‘Curtis Revisited’ is based on pictures of Indians by Edward S. Curtis
shot in the early 1900s and which are in the public domain.
The images were transformed by adding elements of modernity.
Quotes and personal reflections were added to the images to create an invitation
for the viewer to reflect, ask questions, and maybe try a different perspective
to look at what happened, at what is still hapening in our society.

Vu de Dos | As Seen from the Back

“The relationship between the images in each pair, sometimes enigmatic
and at other times of the filial order, reveal narratives on the human condition.”
Read the full text by Regis Martin (Museum and Art Gallery Northern Territory).

Jim and Jean

Jim, writer and traveler (traveller) extraordinaire, originally from Scotland,
has been living in the Big Bend of Texas for many years. He is welcoming his sister Jean,
who crossed the pond to come visit him in Alpine.